Our Beliefs on Our Role As Your Financial Advisor

It is our beliefs that guide our interactions with our partners. It is our beliefs that impact the advice we give. It is our beliefs that make us different. We want to work with clients who have common beliefs.

This can be seen in how we have structured our company. We run a separately managed account structure which allows our clients to log into their accounts directly at any point in time and see exactly what they own.

We utilize software for our clients that provides online access enabling them to have a 360 degree view of all their assets and liabilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This type of transparency allows clients to hold us accountable to the plans and advice we have provided. We will not be perfect, but we do think accountability is important.

We don't try to hide fees in multiple layers of funds, variable annuities or anything of that nature. Every time your account is charged a management fee we send you a separate invoice detailing how the fee was calculated and how much was charged. 

We believe in full transparency and honesty in evertyhing we do

As part of our financial planning process, we lead clients through a broad range of scenario analysis to help them prepare the future. The future is by definition unknowable, but by stress testing various scenarios, using conservative return assumptions, and setting up the right process and framework to protect oneself, we believe clients can be prepared to weather the unexpected curve balls life throws at all of us.

We Believe you can't perfectly plan for the future but you can prepare for it

Our clients are typically very busy people who have their own careers, businesses, families and activities to attend to. They are working with us because they don't have the time or inclination to handle all of their finances on their own. We believe it is our job to take the burden of your finances and help you boil it down to the few actions you need to take each month. We strive to automate saving and bill paying as much as possible in order to minimize the time our clients need to spend doing things technology can do for them. 

We believe it is our job to organize and simplify our clients' financial lives

"Of the 7,700 funds tracked by Morningstar... nearly half are run by managers who do not have a single penny in their own funds." - Davis Advisors

At Fortis, over 90% of our liquid and retirement wealth is invested alongside our actively managed strategies we use for our clients. We own the same securities our clients do. We won't recommend investing client money into something we wouldn't personally own.

Why would you trust someone that doesn't believe enough in their own strategy to invest their own hard earned money in it? The answer: you shouldn't.

We believe in investing alongside our clients