We Believe in a Holistic Approach to Financial Planning that Ensures Your Unique Goals and Needs are Met

Each of our lives are very different and complex, and our financial situations are no different. No two people have the same set of financial circumstances and goals, and in order to best serve them we must understand their entire picture. That is why we believe a holistic style of planning is the only way to create a healthy financial plan that best serves your unique and individual needs.

WhY HOListic planning?

A healthy financial plan has many components that are all important and interdependent in creating the complete, healthy financial plan. This is why we believe an integrated chart is the best way to illustrate these components.


The components of a healthy financial plan                                                          

At Fortis, we are independent advisors that take a fee-based approach to our services, which allows us to focus solely on meeting your needs and aligning our interests with yours. As independents, we have no incentive to push a certain strategy or product that is firm-owned or has high commissions. As fiduciaries, we have a legal obligation to act in your best interest. Believe it or not, based on their regulatory structure many firms do not have this fiduciary duty to act in your best interest. 

Independent Fiduciary