Fortis Wealth Management Weekly Insights- 01/12/2017

As 2017 gets into gear there are a lot of interesting things going on in the markets and around the world to keep up with. Here is the reading we found most interesting this week.


1. Fundoo Professor: Charlie Munger on the Paradox in Hold vs. Buy Decisions

2. Stratechery: Alexa-Amazon's Operating System

3. WSJ: Buffet's Private Analysis of Geico in 1976 "Extraordinary buy Mismanaged"

4. Jim Chanos: Big Change Ahead for Global Capitalism

5. Business Insider: Morgan Stanley on the 9 Big Questions for 2017

Fun Reads:

1. Fast Company: The Biggest Business Comebacks of the Last 20 Years

2. NY Times: Peter Thiel, Trump's Tech Pal, Explains Himself

Hope you enjoy!