Fortis Wealth Management Weekly Insights - 2/21/16

We are people who are constantly striving to figure out ways to boost our clients' wealth, earn better risk-adjusted returns in the market, and make ourselves into better human beings. As such, we send out a few items of the many that we are reading each week that we think are worthy of passing along to our readers to help them also become better investors and people. 

  1. Ray Dalio: What Monetary Policy 3 Will Look Like
  2. Business Insider: Jeremy Grantham's Market Outlook
  3. USA Today: 5 Potentially Major Threats to Your Retirement
  4. Inc.: 4 Great Ways to Stay Motivated All Year Long
  5. BIA: How Much Life Insurance is Enough
  6. Greg Speicher: Jeff Bezo's Criteria for Great Businesses
  7. Latticework: How to Make Better Decisions

Have a great week!