Fortis Wealth Management Weekly Insights-11/3/2016

This is a busy time of the year for all of us. Amidst the the upcoming election, the World Series, the holiday season, and a myriad of other things; it can be tough to take the time to sift through all the information available to us. This is a compilation of some of our favorite reads that we thought stood out amidst the plethora of reading we did this week.

Personal Finance:

1. Financial Post: The 22 Most Important Finance Books Ever Written

2. Wall Street Journal: The Biggest Money Mistakes we make by the Decade

3. Wall Street Journal: Winners and Losers in America's Social Security System

4. Wall Street Journal: How Closet Indexing Minimizes the Fund Manager's Risk-Not Your's

5. Wall Street Journal: How Your IRA Costs Stand to Changes as Commissions Fade


1. Forbes: The Bubble You Never Thought was a Bubble-Dividends

2. The Seattle Times: Is Amazon a Threat to Costco?

3. Wall Street Journal: Tesla CEO Aims to Make Solar Panels as Appealing as Electric Cars

4. Basehit Investing: Buffet's Three Categories of Return on Capital

5. Puget Sound Biz Journal: How Seattle Venture Capitalists Invested their First Dollars

6. Forbes: Inside Magic Leap, the Secretive Startup Changing Computing Forever

Fun Reads:

1. Business Insider: The US Military Loves Jack Daniels


Hope you enjoy!