Fortis Wealth Management Weekly Insights-10/20/2016

Fortis believes strongly in the power of knowledge and the necessity of continual learning. However, in this age of information saturation it can be tough to differentiate between content of substance and noise. We hope this list of our favorite reads from the past week helps to sift through that noise and is interesting and insightful.

Personal Finance:

1. FA Mag: Believe Me


1. The Ringer: The Tech IPO is Back-Who's Next?

2. Fast Company: How Unsexy Collaboration Apps Made a Quiet Powerhouse

3. Bloomberg: Elon Musk's Wild Ride

4. The Felder Report: Why 'Passive Investing' is an Oxymoron

5. Bloomberg: S&P's Real Estate Exuberance Looks Irrational

6. Bloomberg: The Next Recession is Coming-Big Deal

7. Bloomberg: Can Uber Conquer Latin America?

8. Bloomberg: Jack Dorsey is Losing Control of Twitter

9. Vanity Fair: Is Bill Ackman Toast?

10. Wall Street Journal: Microsoft's Cloud Bet is Paying Off

Fun Reads:

1. Washington Post: John Skipper is Steering ESPN Through Turbulent Times

2. The Economist: Vancouver and Seattle Seek to Come Together

3. NY Times: Rise of Saudi Prince Shatters Decades of Royal Tradition

4. Mike Dariano: Christensen's Disruption Theory and Bezos's Amazon

Self Improvement:


1. Farnam Street Blog: At Some Point, You Have to Eat the Broccoli


Thanks, we hope you enjoy!