Fortis Wealth Management Weekly Insights-10/13/2016

In the busy world we live in, taking the time to read each week is a great way to synthesize some of the craziness going on all around us. Here are some of the articles that we found to be the most interesting and informative this week. Enjoy!

Personal Finance:

1. Wall Street Journal: Merrill Lynch Ending Commission Based Products

2. Employee Fiduciary: Three Questions for Calculating Small Business 401k Fees


1. Guardian: How the Water Bottle Industry went Mad

2. Wall Street Journal: Fed Says Don't Count on Recession

3. Wall Street Journal: Alibaba Goes Hollywood

4. Wall Street Journal: Where Virtual Meets Reality

5. Wall Street Journal: Economy in Worst Fall Since '82

6. Bloomberg: Chuck E. Cheese's Embracing a New Kind of Cheddar

7. Wall Street Journal: Amazon to Expand Grocery Business

Fun Reads:

1. GQ: The Unfamous Man Who Made Everyone Famous

2. Seahawks: Richard Sherman Epitomizes "Team Guy"

3. CBS News: A.I. Making a Difference in Cancer Research

4. Daily PNut: The Self-Driving Urban Nirvana Fallacy

5. Vanity Fair: My First Gulfstream

And, if you aren't the reading type here is a picture we think you'll enjoy


Have a great week!