Fortis Wealth Management Weekly Insights - 12/12/15

Hello from Paris! Despite us taking a few days off, we still wanted to try and send our readers some interesting articles we are reading to continue to shape your mindset as it comes to building your wealth and planning for your financial future.

  1. Thinking Wealth: How to Handle Lifestyle Inflation
  2. Budgets Are Sexy: I Know I Should Stop Spending and Start Saving, Why Don't I?
  3. Kubler Financial: Five Dimensions for Estate Maximization
  4. Inc.: How Entrepreneurship Lost It's Way to the Middle Class
  5. Kiplinger: Blowing the Timing of Your First RMD Can Be a Costly Mistake
  6. Money: Why the Fed is All But Certain to Raise Rates Now
  7. IRIS: Home Buying Not Tied to Student Debt

That's it for this week. Au revoir!