Fortis Wealth Management Weekly Insights - 11/21/15

Here are some highlights of things we are reading this week and want to pass on to our readers:

  1. CSEN: The 2009-2015 Economic Cycle is Ending
  2. My Personal Finance Journey: How to Plan for Retirement in Your 20's
  3. Money Under 30: Is a 529 Plan Really the Best Way to Save for College
  4. How to Get Rich Slowly: 10 Tips for Living the Simple Life
  5. Peak Wealth Advisors: Budgeting in Four Buckets, Two Accounts
  6. Bible Money Matters: Is it Okay for a Christian to Love Money?
  7. Afford Anything: The Anti-Budget

Sorry this turned into Monday morning reading rather than weekend reading... but hey it's a short week, stop complaining :)