Using Technology to Help Our Clients

With all the recent talk of "robo-advisors" it is obvious there is a need for improved technology in the financial advising space. The benefit of technology is almost always convenience. Clients need more convenience because their lives continue to get busier. Clients want to be able to see all of their assets in one place, want to be able to work on their budget on their phone while they have 5 minutes of downtime, and want to be able to make adjustments to their financial plan with the click of a mouse. 

Many financial advisors have shied away from providing top of the line technology to their clients because they are worried about excess transparency. They believe that If the client can track his/her accounts in real time, they will become more sensitive to minor market swings and will Monday morning quarterback every decision the advisor makes. We think our clients are smarter than that.

We believe clients deserve to have the conveniences of technology. To prove it to them, we are rolling out a best-in-class software platform that we are really excited about and think our clienets will be as well. This software allows our clients to connect all of their assets and liabilities into one place. It allows them to securely store important electronic documents such as deeds of trust, wills and powers of attorney. Most importantly, the software can perform scenario analysis on ones financial future. It is this scenario analysis that we believe is the most valuable part of the technology as it allows us to "stress-test" different life events and see how they impact one's financial situation. It is through stress-testing that our clients can defy the oxymoron of planning for the unexpected.

Here is a video we recently posted that shows a little bit about how the technology works:

If you are interested in giving the technology a test drive, please reach out to us and we are happy to set you up with a client website and login.