Business Brokerage


A Business Brokerage account is the same as an individual brokerage account and is used to save after tax income. A brokerage account can be invested in any type of security (stock, bonds, options, etc.). The cash is available at any time with no limits and or fines for "early withdrawal".  This money is the owner's with no employee participation. 

Primary User

  • Businesses that want a full brokerage account for investing company assets


  • Money invested is not locked up until retirement age, easily accessible
  • Wide range of investment options

Who Can Contribute

  • Employer

2016 Employer Contribution Limits

  • None

2016 Employee Contribution Limits

  • N/A, these investments are the owner's

Admin Responsibilities

  • None, outside of investment earnings to the business taxed as appropriate

Access to Assets

  • No restrictions

Plan Set up Deadlines

  • None